DIRTY BEACHES performs “SWEET 17” at Glasslands in Brooklyn March 3rd 2011

I first stumbled upon Dirty Beaches (Alex Zhang Hungtai) about a year ago, trolling around the internet too late at night. I was instantly hooked upon hearing “Paris” – a strange fuzzed out trip through the great American west. And my head exploded when I learned that this lo-fi ghost of a crooner was in fact a Taiwanese kid transplanted throughout Canada. This was perhaps one of the best (DIY ) shows I have seen in years. YEARS! Greaser hair was combed gratuitously, beer bottles flew, contained moshing erupted, and Alex climbed to the second floor of Glasslands. Swooning so hard. His latest LP, Badlands, is out now. This is retro-weirdo rock n’ roll at its finest…

– Meghan Currier

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