LITTLE SHALIMAR performs “LADY” at Southpaw in Brooklyn on February 18th 2011

Little Shalimar is: a guy named Torbitt Schwartz, part of one of my favorite bands Chin Chin, a great DJ, a multi-instrumentalist, a great producer. Little Shalimar is ultimately a great solo-project from a guy who could pretty much sit at home and be entertained by a seemingly-endless bag of talents and ambitions. But, fortunately for you and me, he chooses to gig a few nights a week, record a shit ton of music, DJ great parties, and collaborate with some of the finest musical acts and creative individuals today. His musical appetite and curiosity seems to be insatiable, and his latest record will attest to that. Funky, soulful, electric, gritty – these are all probably magnets on his fridge. If he has a fridge. I’m pretty sure he has a fridge. Maybe not magnets. Just watch this shit. If you don’t know, heres your chance.

– Philip Quinaz

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