YC THE CYNIC performs “THE HARDER IT IS” for the “Fall FWD” mixtape release party
at Southpaw in Brooklyn on March 1st 2011

YC the Cynic’s impeccable breath control and vocal clarity give his live show an intimate feeling, inviting the crowd into his world…a world they leave undoubtedly thinking to themselves one thing: “this kid can rap!”. At the release party for 2nd mixtape, Fall FWD, at Southpaw, the crowd packed in, reciting YC the Cynic’s lyrics, and throwing their hands up whenever he asked. He performed for over an hour, bringing out special guests, and delighting his fans, deftly shuffling through his relatively young catalog, with a few impressive a cappella verses thrown adeptly into the mix. The crowd cheered his name as he walked off the stage, begging for an encore. It was a performance and a response fit for a veteran; it was his first ever headlining concert.

-Alex M. Damashek

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