ZAKEE performs “SPOTLIGHT” Live at Public Assembly in Brooklyn for the Damn Zun iBomba Party April 29th 2011

Perhaps you’ve heard ZAKEE’s name before – Maybe you’ve caught one of his laced out, bass heavy, kuduro flavored dj sets. Most likely you’ve heard his superb production on tracks released by Rye Rye & MIA. Now. Forget all that. This performance is the first taste ZAKEE has offered of his newest project (and forth-coming album on Green Owl Records / Warner Music Group), ASSIMILATIONS, a showcase of his infallible beats & melodies, genius lyrics sang & spat. The show was a beautiful thing to behold, this particular song, Spotlight, is dream like; an urban lullaby, something I’ve heard referred to as “future soul,” an astute title for a divergence of reverberations— influenced & inspired. You’re gonna see ZAKEE out in the world soon & most definitely you’re gonna hear him.

– Jessica Flores

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