JACUZZI BOYS perform “COOL VAPORS” & “GLAZIN” for the Hardly Art CMJ showcase at Death by Audio in Brooklyn October 21st 2011

The fire-code breaking capacity crowd at Williamburg’s Death By Audio exploded into a limb-thrashing, toe-smashing, beer spraying frenzy, when Jacuzzi Boys frontman, Gabriel Acala, struck the first powerful chords of ‘Cool Vapors’.
The Jacuzzi Boys breakneck, asthma inducing set had members of the crowd peeling off just to catch a breath and wipe the sweat from their brows. They should have been selling health insurance to this crowd, and towels, and maybe one of those 5-in-1 bath products.
The set served as a great portrait of Miami’s hottest band right now (fellow GEMS filmed Miami band, ANR definitely share mention as well). With their stellar, more pop-fueled follow-up LP, “Glazin“, and a 30 city tour on schedule, the Jacuzzi Boys are on their way to showing the rest of the country what kind of party a couple of sweaty Miami boys can throw. I highly recommend attending.
The Hardly-Art showcase was a nice break from the un-sound-checked melee of bands that makes up a good majority of the festival these days. The Jacuzzi Boys were the ass-kicking two scoops and a cherry on top of this sundae of a show. I fuckin’ love ice cream and I fuckin’ love this band. Now imagine eating ice cream in a jacuzzi. Go see these guys!! Best party I’ve been to all year!!

– Philip Quinaz

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